Friday Round Up – Cheers to the weekend

 Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, I’ll drink to that, yeah yeah – Rihanna

Monotony at work and a current lack of passion for my job has got me feeling all kinds of happy that it’s the weekend! It was our wedding anniversary on Wednesday so tonight we’re heading to a local restaurant for dinner and drinks whilst my mother-in-law babysits, and then I have two days of NO PLANS! This hasn’t happened in a long time, and I’m looking forward to some quality time with the family.

I’m going to eat good food, drink good wine, play outside (fingers crossed the weather behaves) and just relax…….

I had the leftovers from my turkey recipe earlier this week as a salad by chopping the burger into mouth size pieces and tossing it with the remaining slaw. It was DELICIOUS!

Turkey burger Salad

I’ve also started cooking with fish, something that I haven’t really done before but as my taste buds mature and I’m open to trying new things, fish is something that I’m experimenting with. next week I’ll share my recipe for baked cod with potatoes and peas – it’s a lot tastier than it sounds:-)

I’ve got a couple of runs coming up so I’m back to training, I’ll aim to do 5km 2 x a week in my lunch hour and then a long run once a week with a couple of strength training sessions in between.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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