Friday Round Up – Don’t Skip Leg Day

Friends don’t let friends skip leg day…

There are a lot of funny memes on the internet about leg day, Google it! And whilst I’m not a hardcore weight lifter looking for super defined quads and calves, leg day is still super important, especially when training for a run.

leg day

I haven’t trained my legs (or any other area of my body) for quite a while, as in a couple of months. Sure, I’ve done some running, zumba and the odd kettlebell session, but I haven’t focused on strengthening any part of my body. And last night…I felt weak!

Why haven’t I done any strength? I could come up with loads of excuses like a busy lifestyle, but really I’ve just been going through a lazy stage.

It was the first Zumba for 3 weeks as the instructor has been on holiday, and it was such a lovely evening I thought I’d run to the class. After about a minute, I felt my legs become sluggish and tired, after a MINUTE! Then, during the class, I really felt as though I had no core and it was putting pressure on my back.

And that’s why it’s important to strength train as well as cardio, so I’m back to it! Tonight I’m going to focus on legs whilst I make fajitas! Then I would like to aim for 3 strength sessions a week (legs, arms, abs) as well as a couple of runs and zumba.

What’s you favourite way to work out and how can you tell if you’ve been slacking?


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