Friday Round Up – Meh

It’s been one of those weeks where nothing has gone sensationally wrong, but nothing has been sensationally sensational either, it’s just been…meh

But that’s OK, sometime we have those type of weeks, and next week will turn itself around especially because…

1) My little girl turns 2 (how did that even happen!) and we’re hvaing a picnic party in the park

2) Made possible because the weather has FINALLY turned itself around and we’re expected to have a few days of sunshine, yipee!

Health-wise, I’ve been fairly crap this week and today alone I’ve already had a large caramel frappe from McDonalds (lovely) and a kit kat chunky, which I’m now questioning why I even ate. I also haven’t run since my Blackpool 10 mile road race which I’ll update you on next week!

For now, I’ll leave you with this thought…

Eating a sexy beast

Have a good Friday and weekend everyone.


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