Friday Round Up – Wish me Luck!

A mile is a mile no matter how slow you go…

What are you wishing me luck for? Well tomorrow I’ll be competing in the Blackpool Promenade 10 Miler, a 2 lap course of the walkway along Blackpool’s shore. I say competing, I mean I’ll be trying to finish withing a 6km average speed, so under 1 hour 40. Hopefully the weather won’t be too rough, the forecast doesn’t mention rain yet, but this is England, chaps!

This week I’ve been trying to get back to balance a bit more, trying to incorporate more exercise and healthy foods and limit the amount of processed food and sugar I’ve been eating.

I ran 7 miles last night, and have been at around the 1600-1800 calorie mark, but I need to up my exercise schedule and be really honest about what I’m eating throughout the day.

On a side note, how quickly has this week gone? I’ve had 4 day weeks at work for the past few weeks, so going back to 5 days next week is going to be tough!

Have a nice weekend everyone! Next week I have my favourite smoothie recipe for you all!


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