Friday Round Up – Warm weather running

The sun has got it’s hat on, hip hip hip hooray, the sun has got it’s hat on and it’s coming out to play!

So I’m well and truly back on the exercise bike (figuratively and literally) and have exercised everyday since Monday, without pushing myself too hard too fast. Last night I went to Zumba for the first time in years and forgot how much I enjoyed group exercise classes. I even ran to the fitness class, what?!?

And it hasn’t hurt that the weather has turned remarkably sunny, warm and all together happier, so I have been taking advantage of the canal paths near work for my lunchtime runs. I did however make a bad choice on Thursday night by wearing my winter running tights in 18 degree (Celcius) heat. My legs really didn’t enjoy being so warm.

Yesterday I also bought some new flared jeans to go with some summery tops I had also just bought (been on a bit of a shopping spree, but used the Next Outlet so saved loads of £). AND they are a UK size 10 (US size 6)!!! I felt really good in them, my bum looked good and they weren’t too tight around the middle. I’m going to use them for some progress photos over the next few months, the first will be posted early next week!

Happy Friday everyone and have a good weekend


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