Happy Hump Day – pictures

It’s Wednesday and I have worked out 3/3 days so far this week, BOOM!

This weekend I decided that I really needed to get back into regular exercise after taking a few weeks off with a poorly ankle. I mean come on, an bad ankle does not mean that I can’t do any exercise, I’ve just been using it as an excuse to be lazy.20150418_131712[1]

So Monday lunchtime I went for a run and did about 4.5km and then yesterday I did a circuit of the gym concentrating on abs.arms, plus a fast km (5min 11sec).


We then went for a nice family walk around Embasy reservoir.

Today I went for a gentle walk along the canal in my lunch hour as I didn’t have time for a shower so didn’t want to get too sweaty, and look at the ducklings I saw!




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