Friday Round Up – One Week To Go

We’re nearly at the finish line, just 7 days to go and I will have successfully managed to go through lent without eating chocolate.

That’s right, there’s only  a week left of lent and I still haven’t eaten chocolate, not that I haven’t been bombarded from every angle – at home, at work and at the shops! And whereas in previous weeks I have eaten really cleanly for 80% of the time, this past week I have slipped back into poor eating habits.

A lack of motivation has well and truly hit, and I have now started to feel bloated and sluggish, and clothes that had started to fit me better now look a little tight and unflattering again.

I think this has a lot to do with not eating mindfully, not drinking enough water and not waiting long enough after I have eaten to register fullness, before reaching for something to snack on.

This has been accompanied by a sprained ankle, so I haven’t been able to do any intense workouts for a while either. I have given my ankle a week off, so hopefully on Sunday I will be able to fit a longer run in.

So today. we’re back on it, and I plan to…


I have a 1 litre reusable bottle on my desk that I will be working my way through today, I have brought my lunch and snacks so that I won’t be tempted to choose something with limited nutritional value from the supermarket, and I plan on doing some gentle toning work at the gym on my lunch hour.

Next week I will be revealing how I plan to take what I have established over the past 40 days and turn it into a long lasting approach to food.

Has anyone else managed to maintain their Lent-promise, or still succeeding with their New Year resolutions?



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