Friday Round Up – Have I become properly balanced?

Quick Summary: EEEEEEK! I STILL haven’t eaten chocolate, that’s over 2 weeks of being a cocoa-free body! And I’ve lost weight without doing a whole load of exercise!

This week I have felt as through I have really adopted the balanced eating way of life. I haven’t felt as though I’m missing out on any foods, I feel full and satisfied with the good foods I’ve been eating, so I haven’t felt guilty when I have indulged in the 20% of food that isn’t as nutritious.

I’ve only exercised twice with one short run on Monday (about 1.5 miles) and then 6.8km last night in 39 minutes. I need to kick my bum back to the gym on a lunch hour, but work is crazy busy. I’ve recorded some kettlebell and yoga stuff from the Fitness channel so will try to squeeze a couple of those in at the weekend as well.

Plus… my resolution for lent to give up chocolate for 40 days is well underway and I’m proud to say that I didn’t crack this week, even though yesterday was the kind of day when I thought I needed chocolate (men at work can’t handle a young/female/marketing person managing them). I have found the ultimate no-chocolate sweet treat – two meringue nests stuck together with a spoonful of Fluff. OMG, so delicious, and all those egg whites make it healthy, right??

Current Weight (Friday 6th March 2015): 155lb

Happy Friday Everyone!


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