Friday Round-Up – Still no chocolate!?!

It’s Friday 27 February and I haven’t eaten chocolate for 10 days!

That’s right people, I’m sticking with my chocolate ban for lent and haven’t touched the stuff in 10 days, that must be some kind of record for me! I still have cravings every now and again, usually mid-afternon at work when I want a coffee and something sweet to nibble on.

I’ve substituted chocolate with sweet rice cakes and Fluff, both of which are low fat and I can easily stop after 1 rice cake/1 spoon of Fluff, so I still get a sweet kick without all the sugar, fat and calories!

I’ve lost 2lb since last Friday, weighing in at 154 this morning! I haven’t been at 154 in YEARS! Definitely not since the beginning of 2013 (to be fair I was pregnant/had a baby) but even before than I was probably over 154. So happy!

Also, on Wednesday I was in London for a conference and dropped into H&M for a browse whilst waiting for my train. I picked up a size 12 pair of jeans which fit great, and a jersey top in stripes, which is super flattering, size M.

Can you tell that I’m feeling great? I feel great!


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