Giving up chocolate for Lent

Pancake Day, oh Pancake Day, how I love thee Pancake Day!

I cannot stress how much I love pancakes! I don’t eat them all the time but when I do, I love them soooo much! There are so many options for toppings and the actual pancakes themselves! Do you go fluffy like American pancakes, or thin like traditional pancakes in Britain? Do you go for pancakes made from banana and egg (how do people flip these?) or go for flour, egg and milk? The options are endless….

I also love chocolate. At least I THINK I love chocolate, but what I really love is the comforting feeling you get for about 10 minutes after you eat chocolate.

So, with that being said, this past Tuesday (17th February) we celebrated Shrove Tuesday in the UK. And Shorve Tuesday is Pancake Day! Knowing that I would be eating some scrummy pancakes, I still ate 2 (TWO!!!) chocolate bars at work during the day. Then, with my two pancakes in the evening, my fired and I polished off three bags of (small) Easter chocolates!

I knew I had reached a new low:-( I wasn’t getting through a day without reaching for chocolate, so as Lent started on Wednesday, I have made the decision to give up chocolate for Lent! 5 days down and I am feeling good! I feel that if I am able to get through a few more days chocolate free, I won’t feel the incessant need chocolate throughout the day or late in the evening (or anytime really).

It’s also perfect timing as my birthday lands right after Easter, and my sister and I are going to the Ritz for dinner. This way, if they do serve anything with chocolate during the dinner, I won’t have to refuse, or feel guilty for breaking Lent.

Has anyone else given anything up for Lent, or have food addictions that they want to break?


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