Half Marathon Training

April 26th, 2015: Blackpool Half Marathon

I have signed up for my second half marathon which will be the Blackpool Half Marathon towards the end of April.

The first half marathon I ran was the Great North Run back in 2011, which I completed in 2 hours 23 minutes, having done some training but not very many long runs.

This time, I am really hoping to go sub-2 hours and have been looking at training plans to help me achieve this. Incorporating speed and interval work, tempo runs and long distance over the next 16 weeks should see me reach my target. I am also going to continue with strength training, especially the back of my legs and bum to help with hills.

This weekend training kicked off proper, with a 3km temp run on Friday, 5.73km interval on Saturday and a 10.61km longer run on Sunday. During the week I want to fit in 2-3 strength days focusing on legs, arms and abs with another 2 or three shorter runs.

Have you signed up for any races this year, or any other fitness challenges?




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