Post-Holiday Weigh In

So Christmas has come and gone, many a glass of champagne has been drunk, turkey and the trimmings eaten and far too many chocolates to remember have been consumed.

January 2nd 2015: 162lb

And that has resulted in about a 4lb weight gain. And you know what, I am OK with that! I definitely feel more jiggly than I did before finishing work for Christmas and the first run since the 23rd December is probably going to hurt a bit, but I don’t feel too bad. Once I am back in my lunchtime gym routine and eating pattern at work I hope to see those 4lb shift fairly quickly.

I also drink a lot more water at work than I do at home. Sitting in close proximity to a water cooler has definite advantages!

I’m Thankful

Thanksgiving was months ago and I’m not even American, but I am thankful that we had more than enough food to eat during the Christmas. I think about the people on the UK and around the world that don’t have enough to eat on a daily basis and am thankful that we do not have to go without. Some colleagues and I organised a food collection to take to a local food bank before Christmas and I plan on regularly donating to those in need in my local area.


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