Progress isn’t just the number on the scale

Sometimes we can focus too much on the number we see on the scale and it means that we don’t appreciate the progress we make in other areas of our healthy lifestyles!

For the past few weeks I have been stuck between 166-168 even though I have been hitting the gym hard 4-5 times a week and eating clean 80% of the time. This has been disappointing and I was slipping back into old habits because I didn’t think that being ‘healthy’ was having any affect. However, it took a couple of really good gym sessions to change my outlook and realise that just because you don’t see progress on the scales, doesn’t mean that your not making progress.

So, what changed my mind?

1. Looking better in my workout clothes – I haven’t changed what I wear to the gym, but over the past week I have noticed that I look leaner and stronger in my workout gear, score!

2. Getting faster on the treadmill – I used to try and run steadily at 10kph for however long I was on the treadmill for, but because I now only have 20 minutes on my lunch hour to workout, I have taken up HIIT running (1 minute at different speeds ranging between 9.5-13kph) and today I reached 3.5km in 20 minutes which beat my personal best by nearly 1 minute.

3. Finding exercises easier – The rowing machine was my nemesis and I would give up after a couple of minutes. Now I can go for 10 minutes at a medium resistance and still able to complete my strength training afterwards!

So you see, all of these things show me that I’m making progress, even if the scales don’t reflect this.

Don't let the scale define you











How do you measure your progress and achievements?




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