Healthy shop-bought lunch


Just a quick post today to prove that you don’t have to eat rubbish just because you are in a rush, forgot your packed lunch etc. In the UK we have Marks and Spencer and I popped in on Monday as I hadn’t had time to make lunch for the day. I could have picked a packed sandwich (try saying that 10 times really fast) but instead I looked at their prepared salads. I chose the M&S Edamame Bean Salad and the M&S quinoa and bean salad, as well as a taster pack of sushi. I had half of each pot (including 1 of the dressing pots) with half a pot of their sizzling fruit salad and all this was just over 420 calories!

M&S quick lunch

So you see, just because you’re in a rush, don’t just grab the most convenient packet. Take a look at what’s available in the non-takeaway aisles and you can find healthy, nutritious food that is quick to buy and easy to eat!

PS. The fruit salad didn’t sizzle so I was a bit disappointed;-)

What do you choose for lunch at the shops?



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