Balance it out BABY!

One of the reasons that ‘diets’ often fail is because we limit ourselves too much. We stop eating anything that might not be great for us completely, rather than just reducing the amount of these foods that we eat.

Me, I love myself a bit of chocolate, and if I decided that I wasn’t going to eat chocolate because it wasn’t ‘healthy’, it would immediately make me want chocolate and I would end up bingeing.

So you need to learn to balance out the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ – not a 50/50 balance, more like an 80/20 balance. And some days, if you have had a really good workout or it’s a special occasion, that balance might be more 70/30 or even 60/40!

Don’t feel bad if you have the occasional treat, if you are eating really nutritious, healthy foods the rest of the time it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed, or that you will put on weight.

The Londoner, a blog about London, life, travel and FOOD has a great post about following an 80/20 diet, in fact Rosie, the author, calls it the anti-diet, precisely because you are still allowed those foods that make you feel sinfully satisfied! Hello, baked cheese in croissant pastry, yes please! You can find the post here:

On a personal note, I have just eaten some delicious Galaxy smooth chocolate, but I did eat this for my lunch – I will post the recipe soon!

Wholegrains, vegetables and pesto And I even managed to wrap half of the packet of Galaxy up so that I didn’t eat the whole bar (but it is only 2pm so let’s see how long it lasts:0)



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