A Proper Salad!


Urgh salad! I hear you say! But fear not my friends, this is a proper salad, one that will leave you feeling satisfied, full and not at all like you are a rabbit munching on lettuce leaves (although some lettuce is included).

I am talking about the salad offered at Eco in Clapham, the Asparagus and Poached Egg Salad, beautifully described on the menu as:

Baked sourdough topped with a poached egg,
asparagus wrapped with pancetta, baked mozzarella
wrapped with San Daniele, mixed leaves and house
Now I’m a Yorkshire lass and was visiting my sister in the Big Smoke for a few days when we visited Eco, and I have recreated this salad several times since getting home.
Aparagus and Poached Egg SaladStart with a selection of salad leaves that you prefer (I like rocket, spinach, fricasse and lambs lettuce) and pile onto a plate along with some pieces of cucumber and any other salad paraphernalia you like (at Eco they add Olives, but I’m not a fan)!
Then, you want some grilled sourdough, not too much, just enough to mop up the runny egg yolk. Speaking of which, you will need a poached egg with a runny centre, and pop this on top of your bread. You will now want to crisp up some pancetta in a pan. Next up is the Aparagus – cook it how you like! I like to blanch mine and then add it to the pancetta pan to soak up some of the meaty flavour. And last but not least, the mozzarella! Wrap the soft cheese in an Italian ham of your choice and cook this in the pan used for the pancetta and asparagus. Cook it on all sides until the ham is crisp. Alternatively, you can pop it in the oven to bake for a few minutes.
This is a proper salad that has just enough naughty to balance out the word ‘salad’. It is a hugely balanced meal, enjoy it with some sparkling water or a glass of your favourite white wine and your tummy will be happy for hours!

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