Vegetable and Parma Ham Garlic Bread

You may remember my recipe post for home made pizza and last night’s evening meal was a variety of the same recipe.  On top of a thin crust garlic bread (like a pizza but without the cheese and tomato) I added fresh asparagus, spinach and parma ham, with a sprinkling of cracked black pepper for a punch of flavour. It was delicious, you definitely don’t need loads of cheese to make this any better (although a nice bit of mozzarella would be fabulous!).

Last night’s exercise consisted of an arm workout with dumbbells, some fitness/cardio moves and then a round of yogic sun salutations.

Here’s today’s menu:

Breakfast = Thin slice of banana and walnut loaf

Lunch = lemon and herb cous cous with peas and sweetcorn

Snack = apple

Dinner = Chicken with spinach, asparagus and peppercorn sauce

Today’s Exercise: A session on the treadmill followed by more arm toning exercises.

Tomorrow I will have a delicious halloumi and chicken dish inspired by flavours from Greece.



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