Fruit GLORIOUS Fruit

Don’t you just love fruit? I can never understand those people who think fruit and vegetables are not tasty just because they are healthy. From an early age I have been a big fan of fruit and when I feel the need to be healthy I turn to the most colourful, antioxidant-rich fruit I can find!

Here are some of my favourite recipes that include fruit…

Melon and Parma Ham – A Mediterranean classic, mouth-sized chunks of  honeydew melon wrapped deliciously in salty Parma ham – great as a starter or a light lunch!

Frozen berry smoothies – You can find my favourite recipe here or take a look at Rose (The Londonder’s) favourite recipes by clicking here – loads of choice and even though they contain veggies like spinach, they taste pretty damn good.

Chargrilled Chicken with charred pineapple wedges – so you’re having a BBQ or cooking in the summer and you want something tasty, satisfying and healthy – meet Chargrilled chicken with charred pineapple wedges. I will post the full recipe tomorrow but trust me, this is a winner!

Good old fruit salad – Grab a bowl, your favourite fruit, chop and mix together. Simple. My favourite combination is watermelon, strawberries, honeydew melon and red grapes sprinkled with pomegranite pearls, delicious!

What’s your favourite fruit and how do you eat it?



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