Friday Round-Up

How has your week been? Looking forward to the weekend? Me too!

I thought I would start a new mini-series of Friday round-ups where I share with you how my week has been including recipes, reviews, weight loss and life in general!

This week has gone really quickly, the office is quiet with people being away on holiday so the days have gone pretty quickly. My mind just doesn’t want to concentrate on work at the moment though, and I have found myself procrastinating every day! Hopefully next week I will be able to focus again.

In terms of exercise, I have done well this week. I started Monday off with some running, some stomach exercises and a bit of biking. Tuesday I went to the gym again and did an epic 40 minutes on the treadmill and just over 6km. This is the furthest I have run on a treadmill (I can’t stand the boredom after 30 minutes) but I just wanted to keep going! Wednesday I gave my legs a break and then Thursday I was back on the treadmill, the cycle and did some crunches.

Food-wise I have tried to keep my eye on the number of calories I have been consuming, sticking to under 1500 per day. I have been having raspberry and apple Alpen for breakfast, an apple for a mid-morning snack, leftovers for lunch and then healthy teas.

Last night I tried to create an at-home version of my favourite Chinese meal – minced chilli chicken with peas and peanuts from Red Chilli Restaurant in Leeds. I will follow up with a recipe next week!

And finally, this weekend is our first wedding anniversary so we will be enjoying ourselves with the football tonight and drinks with friends, followed by a weekend away, forgetting about weight loss, calorie counting or exercise and just enjoying the moment together!

See you next week! xoxo


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