Thursday Afternoon Inspiration

Seeing pictures of hot bodies is sometimes all it takes to get back some motivation that has been missing.

Take this afternoon for example. It is 4pm and I have been procrastinating for the last couple of hours at work because it is a slow day. I am also hungry even though I have just had some crisps. Then I naughtily think to myself, “I won’t bother going to the gym tonight, I will just go straight home, cook tea and sit on the sofa”All the while knowing that I can’t go to the gym tomorrow or Sunday because I will be busy. Then, I click on a news story about Lauren Goodger from The Only Way is Essex showing off her newly flatter stomach after a grueling few weeks of dieting. It’s like someone has flicked a switch in my brain and suddenly I tell myself off and confirm that I WILL be going to the gym today.

Isn’t it funny how a simple picture can really give you the motivation to carry on with a weight loss regime?

And so as a Thursday afternoon treat for you all I present to you A Nice Little, a tumblr blog from The Londoner which simply put, will make you a wee bit jealous and spur you on in your healthy weight loss journey!

Enjoy the viewing xoxo


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