Product Review: Sports Bras

Before I begin please let me confirm that I have not been paid for this post by any of the brands I have reviewed (but Freya, if you want to send me free sports bras please do!). All opinions are my own and based on my own experience.

A good sports bra can change a workout and totally transform your outlook on vigorous exercise! I have always had a large bust size and have struggled with finding sports bras and tops that provide enough support to stop movement whilst being comfortable. In the past 6 months I have used three different sports bras and you can find the reviews below!

Freya Active (Under-wired)

This is by far my favourite sports bra providing excellent support, a nice shape and adjustable straps at the shoulder and around the back. The wire does not dig in and the wide band at the back was very comfortable. This provided enough support for running, although I always wear a sports crop top over my bra and under my t-shirt for extra compression.

A bonus is that it comes in loads of different colours!

My rating: ◊◊◊◊◊ 5 diamonds



Freya Active (Soft Cup)

I have used this bra for a long time and find it supportive enough for vigorous activities including running. Again, I also use a crop top over the bra for extra support. The only complaint I have with this bra is that it creates a pointy shape rather than a round shape, but the straps and back are fully adjustable which is great. This bra also comes in lots of different colours.

My rating: ◊◊◊◊ 4 diamonds

Freya also sell sports shorts which are great to go under your tracksuit bottoms or leggings!

Shock Absorber Run

This is my least favourite of the three sports bras, not because it isn’t supportive, which it is,but because it is less comfortable and convenient than the Freya choices. Firstly, I felt a lot of pressure on my shoulders and back when wearing this bra for running, which ached for a couple of hours after exercise. Also, the fastening of this bra is more complicated, with a 2-hook back panel and a racer-back fastening. Sometimes it would take several attempts to fasten the back panel as the racer back had to be fastened, then the bra slipped over the head and then you reach round to close the hooks. Also, the straps are almost in two halves, and once the bra is fastened I was often left with the straps twisted and it was hard to make them lay flat against my shoulders. Getting the bra on and fastened took more effort than the gym session!

My rating: ◊◊◊ 3 diamonds

Does anyone have any recommendations for good sports bras, clothing or equipment?



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