Having a Target – Summer Holidays

So, I am a big believer in setting yourself realistic targets for weight loss, and my current state of heaviness is a perfect example of what happens when you don’t have something to aim for.

Take last year for example. I had my wedding day as the biggest target of all, with smaller targets of a hen-party, weekends away and the honeymoon to aim towards. Once this had all finished, the weight crept back on and I have now re-gained everything I lost.

If I had kept targets in mind, such as festivals or my wedding anniversary, I am pretty sure I would have at least made a bit more effort to stay on a healthy track.

Instead, I now find myself having to set new targets for this year and keep it up in the years to come.

I have mentioned some of my targets in my return to the blog back in May and now I have the biggest motivator of the year…I have booked my Summer holiday!


Not me, unfortunately!!

The hubby and I will be travelling to Alvor in Portugal in late August/early September and I want to be bikini ready! My preparation will include eating healthier, and recent recipe posts have helped with this, and getting back into the gym!  So expect lots of “wahoo, I have had a good week” or “whaaa I am a big fat slob” posts coming over the coming weeks and months.

The countdown begins… 85 days to go

Where are you all going on your Summer holidays???



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