Staying on track during long weekends

Summer is upon us and there are lots of long weekends this year! Memorial Day has just passed in the US and now we are looking forward to Jubilee weekend, but it can be hard to stay on a healthy track when schedules are thrown out the window and all you want to do is relax and enjoy your time off!

So here are my tips for making sure that you can eat healthy, stay active, all whilst enjoying yourself, which really is the most important thing!

1. Plan ahead – this can be hard as plans can change at a moments notice, but if you know what you are doing each day, you can plan time in for exercise and also plan your meals.

2. Be the perfect guest – if you are going to a party and fear that there will only be fatty and unhealthy foods, offer to take something with you that you know you can eat and wont feel guilty about. And you will get bonus points from the host!

3. Play games – if you are spending time with family and friends, incorporate games into the weekend such as rounders, baseball or football. This is a fun activity that you can all join in with, including the children, and it will get your heart rate going. If you are spending time as a couple, go for a walk and end it with a drink at a country pub or afternoon tea!

4. Take a picnic – if the weather is nice and you choose to take it outside and have a picnic, there are so many different snacks you can enjoy guilt-free! Asparagus wrapped in parma ham, roast vegetable cous cous, fruit salad, hummus and vegetable sticks, the choices are endless…

And if all else fails, indulge, enjoy a glass of pimms or vintage cider, eat what you want and we can get back to being healthy during the week!

What’s your favourite weekend activity?

Happy weekend everyone xoxo


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