The return to ‘proper’ exercise

Now, I am the sort of person who will count nearly anything as exercise, sitting on my sofa and sleeping are probably the two exceptions. But there definitely is a difference between gentle exercise (cleaning the house/going for a stroll) and the type of exercise that leaves you feeling exhausted yet exhilarated – the holy grail of “Runner’s High”.

Last night was the first time I have reached a runner’s high in about a month, and it felt great! I had planned to do 20 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, and ended up doing 7 minutes on the bike and then 28 minutes on the treadmill, pushing myself when I thought I could carry on and not just stopping because I had reached my pre-allocated 20 minutes.

The fact that I had gone further than I thought I could, especially seeing as I hadn’t done any ‘proper’ exercise in almost 4 weeks felt really good, and has inspired me to keep going to reach my weight loss targets. I think I needed this feeling to truly re-commit myself to my weight loss goals.

I have heard some people talk about exercising in the ‘zone’ and whilst  I have not done any research on this, from the brief description of what I have read I would agree that working out that bit harder, even if it is for a shorter time, can really help to boost  weight loss and keep it enjoyable. I for one would much rather run fast/interval train for 20 minutes than walk at a slower pace for an hour, especially if it’s on the treadmill!

How do you all exercise? What are your favourite exercises?



2 thoughts on “The return to ‘proper’ exercise

  1. Running is my fave exercise at the moment. I try to run three times a week and cross train twice. Start running outside, the “high” you get is even better!

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