I’m BACK and BIGGER than ever!

Weight: 168lb     Date: 11th May 2012

Well after a couple of months off the blog I am 1lb bigger than I was when I started this whole thing! Comfort at home, in my relationships and at work have all led to me comfort eating which has led to a big ‘ol weight gain! That, plus a lack of exercise!

So, here I am re-committing myself to the 21lb challenge and re-setting some targets:

1. By 5th June 2012 I would like to feel less bloated, less wobbly and hopefully 7lb lighter. That gives me 24 days and is also the date when my hubby returns from 7 weeks working away!

2. By 6th July 2012 I would like to have reached my goal weight of 10st 7lb (147lb). That gives me 8 weeks or 56 days which means losing on average 2.5lb per week – can I do it? Fingers crossed!

3. I aim to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, with 4 days of 45 minutes or more. This can include running, gym work, swimming, yoga, dancing, walking etc etc etc!

4. I want to eat a healthy diet without cutting anything out – but I will swap white carbs for wholewheat, and I have just discovered cous cous!

And that’s it. You can expect lots of gorgeous recipes, exercise ideas and general lifestyle information over the coming weeks and months!

Stay tuned!



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