Sport Relief

So, in a post last week I talked about setting targets and the first is to conquer the Sport Relief 6 mile in under 1 hour.

You can get involved with the Sport Relief Mile and there are 1, 3 or 6 mile options to choose from. It is a great way to get fit and also do a bit for charity as it’s only £6 to enter and most of the proceeds got straight to causes in need.

So over the next 40 days I will be undertaking training and eating a diet that will give me energy for my runs after work.

Hitting the gym will be essential (especially as the roads are too slippy/wet to run on at the moment) and I will be doing some interval training and circuits involving toning exercises and cardio.

In the kitchen I will be eating wholegrain cereal with yoghurt to give me long lasting energy, fibre and protein in the morning. Lunch will be an energy-boosting dish of wholegrain pasta with pesto, vegetables and tuna (sounds like an odd combo but is actually really tasty!) and then dinner will be high in protein and vegetables but lower in starchy carbs such as beef stew without potatoes or dumplings/chicken sti-fry with vegetables instead of noodles and pork fillet with sweet potatoes and greens!

Has anyone else entered the Sport Relief mile or another charity run?



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