Setting Targets

Most of you who have been on a weight loss journey will know how important setting realistic targets are, and how disappointing it can be when we reach a date and have not met a target.

The target might be to reach a certain weight by a set date, to complete an activity you couldn’t before or to fit into a piece of clothing that has been too small for too long.

Well I have several targets to look towards over the next few months and I want to share them with you!

1. 25th March / Sport Relief Mile (6 mile) / To run the 6 mile in under 1 hour

2. 13th April / My Birthday:-) / To fit into a dress with short/strappy sleeves or wear a shorter skirt and look/feel banging!

3. 4th-7th May / Bank Holiday Weekend / To wear a strappy top or shorts at the Example concert and then a STUNNING dress on Sunday

4. 6th-9th July / Centerparcs Weekend / To look sexy as hell in a bikini at Centerparcs, especially as we are there for my VERY  judgemental Auntie’s birthday

So these are my targets. They aren’t too difficult to reach and a lot of the success will come from how confident I feel. I have not focused on reaching a certain weight, rather on how confident and comfortable I feel in clothes that I would not wear at the moment due to insecurities about my bingo wings and thighs:-(

Anyone else set themselves small achievable targets in the journey to your healthy weight?



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