Eating Out – how to stay on track

I have to admit to admit that I am rubbish at sticking to a healthy diet when I eat out, I always see it as a treat and then indulge! However, now that I am seriously trying to stick to being healthier, I have to limit my treat meal to one a week. It is a good job that we only go out to eat once a week normally!

So what are good options to choose when you are eating in a restaurant, pub or take away?

Salads – restaurants do make salads more interesting than your average bit of lettuce, cucumber and peppers with warm ingredients, interesting dressings and a choice of meat or vegetables. If you are feeling really healthy, a salad is a good choice (even if the dressing is high-fat it is still better than a really heavy meal)

Meat – look for meat that has been poached, grilled or baked, try not to choose a fried option. If you get chicken ask them to remove any skin and cut extra fat off pork and beef (unless you don’t want to, this is a treat after all!)

Side dishes – opt for fresh vegetables that you wouldn’t normally cook at home such as minted courgettes and wilted spinach. When choosing potatoes you can’t go wrong with baby new potatoes or a jacket potato, wedges are good too! But seeing as this is a treat, I can rarely resist home cooked chips!

Try to avoid sauces when getting a takeaway, especially Indian because these often have loads of cream in them. I like to get chicken pakora (tikka pieces of chicken in a light spicy batter) with spinach and cauliflower mmm mmm mmm. At the Chinese some of my favourites include chicken in lemon sauce, seaweed, satay chicken and crispy garlic chicken!

It’s making me hungry just thinking about it!

So remember, if you eat out a lot it is important to choose healthier options, but if it is an irregular occurence just go for whatever you fancy, you only live once after all!



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