Craving a bit of freshness

Following on from my post about all the lovely vegetables popping up on the supermarket shelves, I have been craving some fresh fruit and veg!

This week I have planned meals full of freshness including juicy melon with yoghurt for breakfast, tuna salad with new potatoes & ripe cucumbers and asparagus wrapped in parma ham – my favourite!

I also have lots of jobs at home and at work to complete so I will be keeping busy in and out of the house. Glossing door frames, skirting boards and fireplaces as well as some serious tidying are all on the agenda, as well as networking meetings, marketing seminars and completing the first section of my diploma (fingers crossed)!!

This means that I don’t have a huge amount of time I can dedicate to the gym so I am going to work in short sharp bursts; 30 minutes running one day, 30 minutes of toning exercises the next etc. Everyone keeps saying that interval training and shorter but harder workouts get more results so let’s see in a few weeks time!

Keep on trucking xoxo


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