Bring on the veg!

We have experienced a very warm winter but now there is a (very) cold snap in the air. The ground is frosted white and as we were just starting to think Spring had arrived (especially with the sighting of early Daffodils!) we are pushed back into the depths of Winter.

Whilst this plays havoc with our wardrobes, it is good for one thing…vegetables!

The choice on the supermarket shelves is huge at the moment. We still have the hearty root veg like parsnips as well as the good ol’ brussel sprouts and savoy cabbage. But now we are also starting to see some spring time vegetables like courgettes, asparagus and peas!

With so many lovely vegetables to choose from it really is easier to eat healthily. I have several no-meat  dinner and tea options (although I am by no means a vegetarian, heaven forbid!) planned for this week so let’s take a look at what’s on the menu today…

Today I will eat:

Breakfast= Dry malted wheats (shreddies), blueberries and a yoghurt (300)

Dinner = Garlic and chilli courgette with pasta, babybel light (350)



(This is the garlic and chilli courgette pasta with optional spinach balls, recipe by Antonio Carluccio)





Tea = Spicy chicken with green beans and shredded cabbage (300)

Snacks = clementine, fat-free jelly (100)

Total Calories = 1050

Today I will do:

I was bad and didn’t go to the gym yesterday so will make up for it with a hardcore workout tonight!

Have a good Tuesday everyone! xoxo


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