I’m Back…

I’m back and more determined than ever to lose some weight, get healthy and feel happier in my body. Over the Christmas holidays I have really let go and my weight has subsequently creeped up. I am now back at my starting weight so let’s think of this post as a new beginning!

What will I be doing to lose my 21lbs?

  • More exercise – I have already been back at the gym and will be going at least 3 times per week
  • Eating better – none of this no-carb,  eat nothing diet but instead I will be focused on calorie counting (1200 p/day)
  • Having a goal – I am hoping to run the Blackpool to Fleetwood 10mile race in October and would like to get a time of sub 2 hours and preferably a time of sub 1 hour 50 minutes!
  • Celebrating achievements rather than putting too much pressure on myself – clothes fitting better, running faster, feeling more confident!

So today I ate:

-2 small scotch pancakes and a yoghurt for breakfast with orange juice (445 calories)

-Pasta, tuna and babybel light for dinner (282 calories)

-1/2 pork steak with cabbage and leaks for tea (250 calories)

– sip of hot chocolate which was awful! (10 calories)

-snack of up to 200 calories

-Total calories = 1187

And today I did:

45 minutes at the gym including 20 minutes of interval running, 10 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes free weight training.

I will be bringing you more healthy recipes, exercise ideas and inspiration during my weight loss journey so keep popping back to see my progress!




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