Winter vegetables

Sometimes it can be really hard to stick to a healthy eating plan during the winter months. We often find ourselves craving hearty, home made, stodgy foods such as mashed potatoes, warming pasta dishes and lots of Christmas desserts like steamed pudding, brandy sauce and festive gingerbread. But it can be easier than you think to get lots of vegetables into your winter diet.

Casseroles: As well as adding the usual new potatoes and carrots you can also ‘bulk up’ a casserole by adding leaks, shredded cabbage, diced butternut squash and my ultimate favourite, brussel sprouts!

Soups: Soups are full of vegetables and if you make them yourself you can ensure that you do not add too much salt or any preservatives. One of my favourites is not so much a soup but a broth; you bring a chicken stock to the boil and add to it diced carrots, diced red pepper, shredded savoy cabbage and sliced leeks. You then add small pasta such as macaroni or even egg noodles. Spice it up with some fresh chilli or dry chilli flakes. If you want some meat you can add pre-cooked shredded chicken. Beautiful!

Vegetable side dishes: When you want some meat such as chicken breast, roast ham and pork, a beef steak or lamb shank, it is easy to create the perfect vegetable side dishes which satisfy your craving for warming winter food. Roast vegetables such as parsnips and carrots, roast courgettes, brussel sprouts with pancetta and mashed or roasted sweet potatoes are all great choices.

So you see…it is easy to incorporate lots of vegetables into your winter healthy eating plan without having to deny yourself!

Enjoy! xoxo


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