Christmas Cocktail

With Christmas just around the corner I have the PERFECT Christmas Cocktail to tickle your taste buds.

Introducing The Pomfizz…

Recipe (for one cocktail):

25ml Gin (I use Gordons)

50ml Pomegranate juice (don’t get a juice with loads of extra sugar in, try as natural and pure as possible)

50ml Martini Rosato

Prosecco or Champagne to top up

Crushed ice



Put the gin and martini into a champagne glass and then add the pomegranate juice

Add the crushed ice so that all of the liquid is covered

Top up the glass with the fizz!

NB. This is also perfect as a pitcher drink. Just multiply the ingredients by the number of poeple you are making the cocktail for.

In your jug add the gin, Martini and juice. Top up with champagne or prosecco. Put the crushed ice into individual glasses and pour the cocktail over the ice to serve.


Belissima xoxo



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