Sometimes life gets in the way of weight loss!

Hi all,

Sorry for the SERIOUS lack of posts recently, as the title of this post says, sometimes life gets in the way of weight loss, or at least in the way of weight loss blogging! We are in the midst of a HUGE house rennovation project which is two years in the making – damp proofing, new floors and ceilings and a whole lotta painting. And this teamed with a busy time at work in the run up to Christmas and the start of a new Diploma means I have had little time to think about the 21lb challenge.

HOWEVER…all this house work isn’t a bad thing, and you can burn some serious calories just by doing jobs around the house like hoovering and painting.

I promise that I will now get back to blogging more regularly and I wanted to share these miracle-workers with you, La Senza bodyshaper shorts which stretch right up to the rib cage and cover the thighs (which is great if you ever experience chafing when you have bare legs) to create a streamlined look. I tried these under tight dresses and they gave great shape, creating a waist where I am normally a barrel:-/

If you want to feel a bit smoother for the impending Christmas parties I would definitely recommend them!

)NB. Opinions about La Senza bodyshaper are my own and I have no affiliation with La Senza)



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