I never used to really like cheese and when I was growing up I mainly stuck to babybel and mild chedder. As my taste buds have matured I find myself drawn to different varieties of cheese and have grown a deep fondness for the hard dairy product.

Recent experiences with soft garlic cheese such as Boursin, red Gloucester and smoked Austrian have all been positive and anything teamed with butter and crackers is all right in my book!

I also love a bit of mozzarella, especially deep fried in bread crumbs (it’s a good job I don’t own a fryer otherwise this would be all I eat) but also mixed through some pasta with grated courgette (see old recipe and add mozzarella).

I know cheese is not the best food in the world in terms of it’s health qualities, but I don’t eat that much and actually, if I am having cheese with crackers for my tea my portion sizes aren’t that big.

Do you love cheese and which is your favourite?



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