Sleep, please come back to me!

I can’t sleep! I haven’t slept properly for over a week (a week might not sound like a long time but when you aren’t sleeping, it’s like a month!) and my body is feeling it!

But why no sleep? You ask. Well…I don’t know! I think it must be a combination of factors such as my husband working in America for 6 weeks whilst I am back home in Blighty, a hefty cold which is making it a struggle to breathe and also a bad case of the sugar cravings near bedtime!

All of these factors have combined to leave my with some serious dark circles under my eyes and an urge to crawl under my desk and lay down on the floor in my office at about 3pm every day. (Just to clarify I haven’t slept on my office floor or my office desk or my office chair as it might end up in me getting fired and then more sleepless nights!)

What does anyone else do when they can’t sleep, any advice?



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