Training for the Santa Dash

On 27th November the annual Santa Dash will be taking place: It is a 5km run and you are dressed as Santa Clause for the whole race!

The dash is great fun, there is no pressure to run a good time and all of the proceeds go to local charities.

Now you may be asking…why are you in training for a 5km when you ran the Great North Run? Well that was way back when in September, and since then I have probably run about 10km – that’s 10km in two months! Not great:-(

So I have now started to get back to the gym and on the treadmill as it is too dark to run outside after work. Last night I ran 3.9km but in a slow 25 minutes, and the stupid treadmill automatically started to cool-down so I couldn’t carry on! I am aiming to run it in 28 minutes or less as this would be my quickest 5km ever!

Is anyone else taking part in a Santa Dash this year?




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