I plan an attack…

Today marks the first day of my 6 week body attack which will tone me up in time for Christmas and get me back into the right frame of mind to carry on with my healthiness after the New Year’s Eve hangover ends.

It also helps that my hubby is working abroad for these 6 weeks (even though I miss him loads!) but it does mean that I can really tailor my diet to suit my taste buds and my attack!

With winter really setting in (-2 degrees this morning argh!) I am craving warm foods which can make it difficult to find satisfying meals that can be made at work. I plan on making chicken noodle broth and vegetable broth regularly and then taking this into work as it can be re-heated in the microwave. Pasta dishes are great for this too. I am also really going to try and get more protein into my diet as I have been lacking it recently – the problem is just that meat is just so expensive!

Exercise is going to be another area to focus on, and since I will be going home to an empty house, going to the gym more regularly will not feel too bad. Upping my cardio and focusing on toning my arms, back and stomach will be the priority.

Is anyone else planning a Christmas dress diet?



2 thoughts on “I plan an attack…

  1. Hi there,
    Good luck with the 6 week body attack! I think Christmas is the ideal motivator to get yourself together as it would be amazing to show everyone your progress 🙂 I am not planning anything special myself to get ready for Christmas, just my normal weight loss routine (I think that is enough already ;)).
    Best wishes to you,


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