Making some good decisions

We have a tuck box in the office filled with crisps, sweets and chocolate – it is a menace to those of us trying to stick to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. For the past few weeks I have been diving into the tuck box whenever I had a pang of hunger or craved something sweet, and my waistline and the scales have noticed. So this week whilst doing my ‘big shop’ of the week, I was on the lookout for some healthier snacks which would satisfy any sweet cravings without coming with bucket-loads of calories and fat.

I chose some Dole fruit cups of pineapple in fruit juice and some Hartley’s jelly with whole raspberries which come in at 65 kcal and 98 kcal per serving respectively. What is even better is that the raspberry jelly is fat free!

Now obviously this does not mean I am never going to want chocolate and sweets again – because I will, I know I will! But if I can limit the amount of chocolate that I eat it will definitely help, and I wont feel so guilty when I do indulge.


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