A tiny treat when you need something sweet!

I love chocolate but I am not the type of person to eat one square or half the bar and then wrap it up and save some for later. No no no, if I have chocolate in front of me I will eat it all – no matter if it is 50g or 200g of the smooth brown (or white) goodness.

So, I would go through phases where I would not buy chocolate, we would not have it in the house and I would purposefully avoid the sweet isle at the supermarket. But then I would get a craving for chocolate, rush to the nearest shop and buy a huge bar then secretly scoff it all:-(

But now I have found mini bars from Thorntons which are the perfect size. You can eat a whole bar and it is still just like half a normal chocolate bar. Plus…you can buy 5 bars for £3 so they are not too expensive either!

The link to the website is here but it just shows you the product image, you cannot buy them online. My favourite are the dark, white or milk with fudge mmm.

Go on – get to your nearest Thorntons treat yourself!


(All opinions are my own and I have not been sponsored by Thorntons to say this)


2 thoughts on “A tiny treat when you need something sweet!

  1. exactly, if it is there it has to be eaten – I used to work with a person who could make a single mars bar last for morning tea for a week – used to drive me insane seeing her cut a mars bar with a knife and fork!

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