A sense of calm and a new beginning

This morning I experienced a total moment of calm when I realised that I shouldn’t set myself up on another fad diet which is doomed to fail, I should choose balance and health and enjoyment which is more realistic for the future.

So there will be no more mention of no-carb diets and detoxing, of obsession with calorie counting or how many beads of sweat I expire at the gym.

Instead, I will be sharing with you my new healthy, happy lifestyle – still with healthy recipes and fun exercise options – but without the threat of a December 9th deadline or a party dress that I HAVE to fit into – if the dress don’t fit, I’ll buy another!

So, my new target is to get to a healthy weight AND STAY THERE between 10st and 10st 5lb. I want to do this for the rest of my life (unless I have a baby when I plan on putting on a few lbs!) and will try to get more fresh air, cook fresh food and enjoy life with the hubby, my family and friends, without worrying about the scales every week!

And now as well as sharing with you my dieting stories I will also be sharing other aspects of my life including home renovations, travel and exciting things that happen around me!

I hope you stick with me on my (I know I shouldn’t say it but I’m gunna…) JOURNEY!



2 thoughts on “A sense of calm and a new beginning

  1. Heyy!, i really liked the way you wrote that in such a positive way..
    I’m having a similar problem too, but not being fat, its being way too thin. People never stop telling me about how thinner i get each day. And how pale my face looks. It makes me sad.. Specially that i am in the national swimming team so the training & the gym takes a lot of effort. I have these never ending arguments with my coaches and my MOM. I got sick of it!, i do eat!, mom keeps telling me that if i don’t eat, she will cut all the activities because simply i wont be able to do effort besides my studyings. I mean she is right but.. Its getting too annoying!, i am not saying that i am not grateful for being thin, its just a health condition, i am totally fine, but just i dont eat a lot nor have the kind shape of body which looks like an athletic..
    So this article encouraged me.. Thank you so much for that!, thats all i wanted to say 🙂
    And good luck 🙂

    Waiting for your upcoming positive articles.

    1. Hi Sally,

      Thanks for you feedback!

      So long as you are healthy that is important – but if you are experiencing unexplained weight loss you might want to visit the doctor! Perhaps it is something to do with your health which could be resolved by a medical examination?

      Stay healthy x

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