Bootcamp Circuits

At my gym there is a class called Bootcamp (or HIT) Circuits. It is INTENSE!

Jamie, the trainer, sets up 12-15 stations which include things like planks, Russian twists, steps, skipping, wall sits etc and then in pairs you move around the stations, spending 1 minute at each station (and you do the whole circuit twice).

But what makes Bootcamp Circuits different to normal circuit training?

You get shouted at! And if you don’t put enough effort in you have to do punishments in the middle of the room like hill climbs or kettlebell swings! It is not for the faint hearted!

But Jamie isn’t mean and the shouting is never personal, and normally someone in the class who never puts enough effort in (normally a really slim person who shouldn’t be in the gym!) so I would recommend anyone to get to Bootcamp Circuits if it is offered at your gym!

(The lady in the image is not me, I do not look like this and if I did there would be no 21lb challenge!)



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