Weight Watchers…The Verdict

So I read the magazine, I went onto the website and I looked into the meetings and my conclusion…

Weight Watchers is damned expensive!

To join online costs approximately £10.50 a month or to go to meetings you have to pay £5.99. On top of that, there is normally a registration fee of about £10/£20!

If you were to join Weight Watchers and pay for a gym subscription you are looking at a whole load of money!

I simply cannot afford to follow weight watchers, but I am impressed by the Pro Points system.

The low-down: The Pro Points system is where each meal/food is given a Pro Points value and you are allowed a set amount of points every day (on average it looks like 29 points are the norm) with 49 points allocated to treats each week (for example if you are having a big night out you can save your 49 points for wine or you can spread it across the 7 days of the week)

By sticking to the Pro Points system people are losing weight at a sensible speed and it seems fairly easy to follow, especially if you plan your meals in advance. Also, Weight Watchers snacks are given Pro Points values and they are relatively low so you can still have goodies.

If it weren’t for the price I would definitely consider starting the Pro Points scheme from Weight Watchers but until I get a bit more cash, I will stick with trying to eat healthily without a plan!



One thought on “Weight Watchers…The Verdict

  1. Hi there!
    I agree with you – Weight Watchers is very expensive. They may have a good Points system, but the support they provide can also be found elsewhere.. Like here on WordPress 😀 Good luck with your weight loss journey!
    Best wishes,


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