66 Days to Party!

So with 66 days to go until my Christmas Party (and the target date of -21lb loss) I have 18lb to go.

If I keep an average of -2lb per week I will hit my target, and hopefully I might reach -3lb loss some weeks which would be great if I had a bad week!

I know I keep saying “right, I will properly start now”…but today I really mean it! I am going to the gym tonight and I will be having no starchy carbohydrates for my tea, just chicken salad.

I will then be gym-ning it on Thursday and Friday combined with healthy eating.

Speaking of eating…I know reports come out all the time saying that we should shun cereal but I have found a delicious apple and raspberry Alpen muesli which is tasty without milk! (I don’t like soggy food so I have my cereal dry-this is the only muesli I have tasted which is great dry!) It’s not listed on the Alpen/Weetabix website but Ocado have the details: http://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/Alpen-Raspberry–Apple/59882011








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