Weekly Weigh-In #3

At my third weekly weigh-in I thankfully hadn’t put any weight on, but I also hadn’t lost any:-(

That puts my total weight loss at 3lb over 3 weeks, not what I was hoping for!

So this weekend I made sure that I didn’t drink too much, didn’t eat too much (even though I went out to eat on 4 occasions!)  and got some intense swimming in on Sunday as well!

I plan on hitting the gym 3 times this week: Monday after work, Wednesday before work and Friday after work! Then I have my cousin’s birthday on Saturday so I will have to have a couple of Gin and Tonics without going mad:-)

I have also planned a week of low-carb tea-time meals including:

Pork belly with vegetables, egg salad, spicy chicken salad and then sausage with vegetables. I never plan my Friday tea as we tend to go out a lot and I never know what I am going to have.

I will update you with a healthy yet tasty recipe later this week!




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