Have I Failed Already?

I am lazy. The End.

This week I have not been to the gym or done any exercise, but have stuffed my face with carbs!

I feel like I have failed before really getting going! How do you stay motivated when there is so much temptation around every corner? And how do you motivate yourself to hit the gym when there are better things to do?

My motivation is looking better in a Christmas party dress, but maybe that target is too far away, so I am less worried about missing my target. I am now going to put in a mid-way target to hit so that it re-focuses my healthy efforts!

Me and the hubby started going out in late October/Early November so this year we are going to celebrate with a night away and a posh meal. On the weekend of 4th November we will be having a weekend away and I want to look fabulous!

David Kirsch, an American fitness expert has a good blog about different exercises and ways to keep motivated, check it out here:


Wish me luck for tonight’s weigh-in (I know I have gone up!:-()


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