A new week and a new me!

So it has been just over two weeks since I started the 21lb challenge and at my last weigh-in I had lost 3lb. A good start.

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and energetic, with hope that the next few weeks will be filled with healthy food, fun exercise and some MAJOR home renovations (we have a problem with damp which is two years in the making and now FINALLY getting sorted). Doesn’t making positive changes to your environment always make you want to change too?

With the hubby starting day shifts again (YEY!) it means that we can now sit down to structured and homely meals, which I will be editing for myself so that I don’t get all of the starchy carbs at dinner time.

This week’s dinner menu:

Monday: Chicken Fajitas (no wrap for me but extra salad)

Tuesday: Beef Casserole (extra veg, no potatoes)

Wednesday: Working late, quick salad for me, pizza for hubby

Thursday: Spicy chicken and sweet potato wedges

Friday: Date Night so who knows?

So you see, it is easy to ensure that you can adapt recipes to suit your new healthy lifestyle without leaving those you cook for feeling resentful or just plain hungry!

PS. I may also feel better because I treated myself to a new pair of boots, top and dress this weekend – they were all in the sale so I didn’t spend too much-but now I feel very smart and shopping happy:-)





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