I’ve lost 2lb!


This week I have lost 2lb despite not doing any exercise and stuffing my face, how is this possible? Perhaps it has something to do with the GNR and my body still burning calories 5 days after I crossed the finish line? Nope? Oh well…

To be fair I have been having sensible breakfasts and lunches, just gorging at tea time – I think the fact that the hubby has been working nights has something to do with it as I tend to just sit on the sofa and eat! The hubby is starting back on days on Monday though so that will stop, and I will be cooking healthy teas for us during the week such as chicken fajitas and beef casserole.

As I will be trying to follow the no-starchy-carbs after lunch time rule, here are my top tips for adapting your man’s favourite meals to suit your diet:

1. Chicken Fajitas – don’t have the wrap, instead fill up on the spicy chicken and the salad. I still add cheese otherwise I would recent the hubby stuffing his face, there has to be compromise!

2. Beef casserole – I fill my casserole with chunky vegetables, beef and add a bit of chilli for flavour. Instead of adding potatoes into the casserole I cook them separately so that I do not have to pick them out but instead just do one portion for my fella.

3. Pudding- I crave something sweet after a main meal so instead of diving into a bag of sweets, hot cake or chocolate, I buy frozen fruit lollies which not only fulfil my sweet craving but also take a long time to lick.

I also need to start adding more exercise into my routine, especially now that I do not have a big run to aim towards. Hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and mixing cardio sessions with muscle definition should see me slipping into a new dress by Christmas!

So, week 2 into my 21lb challenge and I am down 3lb to 11st 4lb.



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