Great North Run – Done!


13.1 miles, a heck of a blister a sore back later and I have finished my first ever half marathon in 2 hours, 23 minutes and 2 seconds!

Snaps for me:-)

I am giving myself Monday and Tuesday off and then it is back to the gym for some toning and light cardio on Wednesday.

I am also starting to really look at what I am eating and make healthier food choices such as less butter on my bread, no binging and filling myself up with healthy foods. I have decided not to detox this week but instead make sensible changes to what I eat – start as I mean to carry on!

So this morning I have started with 2 small pancakes with honey to keep me full until lunch time then a chicken and noodle salad with some strawberries for lunch.

I didn’t get a chance to go food shopping this weekend so I will be purchasing some lovely fresh fruit and vegetables and some good quality meat for the week ahead!

P.S. New Spooks and Downton Abbey to catch-up on tonight eeek!


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