Detox after Carb-Up

With the end in sight and the Great North Run this Sunday, I am thinking about how I can get rid of my carb-induced bloat and back on the health wagon (not that running isn’t healthy, I have just been eating an disproportionate number of carbs compared to the amount of training I have done)

So I want to kick-start with a bit of a DETOX.

Now I am not one for starving, so my detox will include actual food rather than juices and Cayenne pepper maple syrup lemon concoctions.

I have heard great things about the raw food diet. My main concern is how to get protein on a raw food detox? Does cheese count because I am not eating raw eggs or chicken?!? Also, would Hummus count? Have the chick peas been cooked before they are blitzed with the other garlicky goodness? And what about cured meat like Parma Ham? It’s too confusing!

I am going to say no to the raw food diet.

My friend has recently finished the Thomson Diet through our local gym and has lost over 3 stone and kept it off 18 months later. They taught her a quick 3 day detox which kick-starts the weight loss process and can be used if you have had a break from healthy eating. It’s not the most exciting diet but she lost a few pounds in the 3 days and it includes meat and even some carbs! Yipee!

Daily Diet:

  • Breakfast = 2 x Egg whites on 1 x small toast or cracker
  • Lunch = Chicken, broccoli and 1/2 a small jacket potato
  • Dinner = Chicken and broccoli
  • Snacks = Small green apple twice a day
  • No added salt, oils or fats. You can add spices to perk up the flavour – something you will want to do after a day of chicken and broccoli!

I tried to make it sound exciting but it really is a bit boring. For 3 days though and after more bread and pasta than one person needs, I will give it a try starting Monday through to Thursday (as I have a business meeting on Wednesday and may not be able to follow the chicken and broccoli rules, but I will still be healthy!)

I will let you know how it goes xoxo


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